Eldsjön is a small company currently based in Stockholm. It's really just me, Kim-Evert Olofsson. Sometimes I collaborate with other companies or freelancers.


As a label I mainly provide digital distribution for artists and bands, usually doing a co-release together with the main record label wich is usually in charge of the physical release (LP or MC). But also pure digital releases with the bands. I often record, produce or mix the releases myself, together with the bands.


Post punk/new wave from northern Sweden. Listen to their latest album here.
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Swedish post rock in the style of Explosions in the sky and Mogwai. Currently working on the EP "Vägar".

Other work

Sound engineering, mixing and music production are some of the work I do. I also dabble in photography.


You can contact me at info@eldsjon.com or phone +46 (0)70 3577487.